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PonyBun Bun Cover

PonyBun® - The MUST HAVE hair accessory for dancers!

There simply isn't any other product like it on the market. It's not a Snood or a comb or a Scrunchie. Instead it takes the best attributes of each and combines them in one, simple-to-use product.

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PonyBun® works on many different hair types. If you can put your hair into a ponytail, you should be able to wear a PonyBun®. You simply pull all of your hair into a ponytail with the elastic loop, and tighten it so you have a nice secure ponytail. Twist your hair into a bun and tuck it all into the pouch. Then insert the comb in from the top of your head.

(The elastic loop and comb are attached to the inside of the pouch. Make sure the right side of the pouch is facing out, so the curve of the comb will fit properly against the curve of your head.)

PonyBun® is great for all ages and all occasions. If you've also had trouble finding the right hair accessory, PonyBun® is your answer.


PonyBun® Instructions


PonyBun Instructions

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